Saturday, February 16, 2008

When In Brisbane, Don't Take The Bus....

Definitely the best thing about Brisbane is using the ferry to get around town. It may not be as extensive as the trains of Sydney, or the trams of Melbourne, but standing at the front of a boat coasting through the Brisbane River with a breeze on your face (just hold that Titanic impersonation) is the sweetest way to travel. If you're lucky, get the City Cat that offers your second-floor rides.

I've already mentioned the standard sights of the city, now cross to the other bank and find out the region's cultural core. Apart from having no less than three major universities along the river, there stands an exhibition area, swimming pools, botanical gardens, a theater, the state library, the state museum and a museum of modern art. Timing was impeccable, as I chanced upon an Andy Warhol exihibit in the Gallery of Modern Art, and one of their features included a photo booth that will send you a Warholized photo of yourself. Here's mine:

Take that, Monroe!

Spent the whole evening taking crazy photos. Can yu count the 3 Ronnies?

The North Bank is aglow!

I'm glad that I really went to Brisbane. The Couchsurfers I met were amazing, the city itself was endearing, and I could really see myself mooching about the city some more.

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