Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Wimbledon 2005 - Quarterfinals

Wimbledon 2005 - Quarterfinals

Hey, the Big W had a better result for me this time around. Four out of 8 for the men, and five for the women.

Men's Draw

Federer vs Gonzalez - Strong serving Chilean blasts his way towards the QF. Sadly, there seems to be no chink the Federer armor. Federer in 3.
Hewitt vs Lopez - Hmmm. This is a nice call. Hewitt did a fantastic job wiping of the last of the serve-and-volleyers in the tournament, but Lopes seems to be quietly easing his way on court. I'd go with the Australian in four.
T. Johansson vs Nalbandian - Frankly I couldn't care less. Probably Nalbandian in 4.
Grosjean vs Roddick - Oooh. Should've picked Grosjean over Henman. Oh Well. Skipped once, and I'm not ashamed to skip picking him again. Roddick in straight sets.

Final results: Federer to meet Hewitt in the semis, and since it isn't Hewitt's birthday, Federer moves on to the finals (and gives Hewitt a bagel instead). In a rematch of the 2003 US Open semifinals, Roddick will have a tough time with the former Wimbly RUP, and will live up to his seeding. Sadly, that is all there is to it. Federer banks his hat trick of a Wimbledon, and Roddick has to do with the plaque again.

Women's Draw

Lindsay vs Svetlana - I think Kim just got a tad lucky with the tiebreak in R16. Lindsay is stroking the ball well, moving fluidly, and she actually looks like she wants to win this one. The top seed through in straight sets.
Amelie vs Anastasia - It's nice to see Anastasia clawing her way through the tournament. This should serve as her springboard to salvage what is left of the tour. Though the real question is, can she overpower the Frenchwoman? I think not. Amelie in straight sets.
Mary vs Venus - Out to prove that her Grand Slam appearance in Paris was no fluke, Mary works her way to another GS QF, with a little help from the opening of the draw. Hate to say this, but, Venus is on a comeback trail herself. Nevertheless, she will emerge as the favorite here, in 2 tight sets.
Nadia vs Maria - Sorry Maria haters, but she is looking ruthless (and okay, perhaps tactless) in defense of her title. This one shoul be in 2 straight sets also.

Final results: Lindsay will outplay Amelie, while Maria will defeat a Williams sister on grass to prove her dominance on grass. In the end, this prediction will be the same as the one I did for the French Open (but this time I will no longer be blindly wishing for their wins) - Lindsay defeating Maria in the final.
Saturday, June 18, 2005

Wimbledon 2005

Gentlemen's Singles
Defending Champion: Roger Federer

Quarter I

Top-ranked Federer is looking for a hat-trick for his WImbledon collection. His road to the quarters has been fairly easy, looking back on the previous 2 slams of the year - only to be stopped by birthday boys Safin and Nadal in the semis. Honestly, this astrology bit is not much of a bother for me, but J.Johansson is all set up to meet the defending champion on his birthday at the quarterfinals.

Pimpin has been doing poorly of late, but his serves and severe groundtrokes put him at an advantage, and to sweep past consistent GS performer Davydenko (among others) to reach the quarters is more than likely.

QF Match: Federer vs J. Johansson

Quarter II

This quarter, not the fourth one (see below) is the hardest part of the draw. A grudge match of Hewitt (did anyone actually miss him?) versus Blake, Ancic vs Hrbaty in 3R, and back to back matches against Paradorn and the Scud for Safin.

When all the smoke clears from this quarter, Safin will face super Mario and Hewitt will square off with Dent in R16.

QF Match: Hewitt vs Ancic

Quarter III

Every draw will always have a wide open quarter, and this is the one for this tournament. Canas isn't exactly stellar on grass; Novak, Schuettler and Mirnyi have had their better years behind them. On the comeback trail are Haas and Thomas Johansson, yet they will be going heads up in 3R. My guess is that Haas will get past Johansson and Novak in the next round to reach the quarters.

Former runner-up Nalbandian has a good chance go the distance this year, and will face the winner of Nadal and Schalken in R16. My guess again, Schalken will outlast the French Open champ, but will wilt against the former Wimby runner-up.

WF Match: Haas vs Nalbandian

Quarter IV

With Karlovic as the only one posing as a threat for last year's runner-up, Roddick should easily make it to the quarters. However, the story and quite the same at the top of this quarter. We have perennial favorite, Henman, and a consistent grass performer, Grosjean. Then toss in Malisse and Popp, then this part will be quite a circus.

Experience will bring Henman past Popp, but not too sure with Grosjean. I'll go with Tim.

QF Match: Henman vs Roddick


Ladies Singles
Defending Champion: Maria Sharapova

Quarter I

Top seeded Lindsay surprised everyone with a QF appearance in Paris (and surprised us consequently with her loss to Pierce), and I'm hoping she's on top of her game on grass. With or without practice. Again, she's slated to meet Kim in R16, and this time, Kim will defeat Lindsay, having gotten some practice over at Eastbourne.

Same deal for Svetlana over Patty - warm up events count.

QF Match: Kim vs Svetlana

Quarter II

Amelie needs to recover from a mediocre year (given her ranking) and salvage what is left for a great Grand Slam run. Two titles and QF at Melbourne is a great record, but we are all wondering when her GS moment will come (same goes for Kim). She's got a clear shot at the SF here, with an almost shoo-in spot for the QF.

Anastasia and Elena D are scheduled to meet in the R16, but that's if Anastasia has recovered from her emotional baggage, and Elena from her sore thigh. Most probably not. I'd like to bet that Jelena would take their place in the quarterfinals.

QF Match: Amelie vs Jelena

Quarter III

My favorite section of the draw yet. Justine to get past Mary or Ana to reach the QF, Daniela to make a cameo appearance against Venus, and a sister showdown in the 4R. This is the earliest they've met in recent memory, right?

QF Match: Justine vs Serena

Quarter IV

The defending champion does have a good draw. I want to see her whoop that Bulgarian Sesil. Hehehe. That taken aside, not much problems for her, 4R matchup with Tatiana (yes!) and a QF match with compatriot Nadia.

QF Match: Nadia vs Maria
Friday, June 10, 2005

Travel: Summer Escapade 2005 in Nasugbu

Every year, our little group tries its best to organise a summer outing. In contrast to last year's reservation disaster, this year's was an absolute breeze. Thanks Isa!


Let me start this story with my boss. He had 365 days to visit me, and it had to be the day I would be rushing off to Manila for the annual outing. Almost didn't make it. Fast forward to me waiting for 45 minutes at the Fort looking like an absolute promdi. I had boxes of fish, fruit and a big duffel bag for all my personal effects. Could've probably just walked over to Market Market to sell my produce.

Anyway, we got to Nasugbu, Batangas at 1 in the morning, after the ritual Starbucks coffee over at Tagaytay. There are a lot of establishments at the ridge you can barely see the lake anymore. Not to worry, there was a lot of great views by the beachfront.

To cut the story short, it was a fantastic time for our annual reunion. Asuide from the fact that we see most of each other on a more than a monthly basis.

We're having another one in a few days, and this time, we're crossing some islands.

Life is a beach, not a bitch

Happy campers!
Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I just wanted to update my blog by saying "I have nothing to update".

I'll be posting the summary of our annual Summer Escapade soon.