Still nursing a sunburn that managed to sneak through yesterday's rain, I meet up a CouchSurfer and we proceed to the zoo. One of the few zoos where you have to cross a magnificent harbor just to get to. The sun was really shining hard, but the breeze kind of made up for it ... a little. Definitely on our checklist was the authentic and indigenous critters from Down Under, including the ubiquitous koalas and kangaroos. There were other never-heard-of animals in the zoo, including quolls, hydromys, and dunnarts.

I think this is a post I'd rather fill up with photos.

It's a wallaby!

Yes, it's not indigenous, but aren't meerkats cute?

All together now: Awwww.... (Lazy drunken koala)

Footnote, never saw the Tasmanian devil. He was too busy burrowing under wood shavings. I'll just have to trust photographs for that one.

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Sabrina said...

Ya.... and this Couchsurfer... was mee.... =) the super crazy funny Swiss Grilie... =)) hehe. thanks for spending that day with me...