Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Music: Orange County Style

However I may sound like a fan boy of the series, I am even happier that the series has a wonderful soundtrack. It takes a brilliant Oasis cover to pique my interest, and a cartload of college bands to sustain it. I cannot seem to remember any other TV show that has a great selection of unknowns and not-so-knowns in the soundtrack selection that this musical-horizon-expansion thing is simply overwhelming me.

Did I mention I just got myself a Sony Ericsson W800i? Recently being sold on the benefits of having an iPod Mini, this phone came just in time. It now houses my recently downloaded songs, recently bought albums, among others. Check out their official music guide for a detailed listing of all music used in the show, and do check out the four volumes of the TV show soundtrack – although the Chrismukkah volume might not seem to be my cup of tea. Or latke for that matter.

In conjunction with the topic at hand, the music of the OC is simply great. Mix One is not in the household right now, but Mix Two landed two weeks ago. There’s simply something for everybody. Feeling you want to rock out, jumpstart your morning? Try listening to The Eels with Saturday Morning. Pensive? There’s The Perishers with Trouble Sleeping, or Eastern Glow from Album Leaf. Sad, rainy day? Try listening to You Got Me All Wrong from dios malos or the remake of OMD’s If You Leave from Nada Surf (The 80s will be discussed in a separate article, I’m just waiting for my copy of the soundtrack to Sky High). More Oasis covers? Try out Ryan Adam’s version of Wonderwall (not as good as the original 90’s alternative scene anthem, but there’s a big bias from where that’s coming from). Snarky may not even be a word yet, but it’s a great description for The Dandy Warhols’ We Used To Be Friends.

My personal pick is by Halloween Alaska, called All The Arms Around You Now. It’s got that muted sound, plus the funky drumbeat, , and was used wonderfully at the premiere of the second season. Here is the song in full, since the song does not appear on any of the mixes of the OST yet.

Too many songs, too many bands, so little time? Sounds like it. Enjoy!
Monday, September 26, 2005

Welcome to The OC

This is not a thank-you speech, but I’m feeling rather grateful right now. I would like to thank my sister for introducing me to the OC. One mild morning, in the wake of the end of the US Open (by now, you could’ve figured that I am a major addict), she decided to show me an episode of The OC. My guy friends have been ranting about it, and I wasn’t rushing to work anyway, so I gave it the shot.

The episode?

Outcasts are in

This one. I have both movie versions on Region I, so the reference couldn’t be less than perfect. The music? This guy singing Champagne Supernova. Damn. Talk about setting the mood. Where is What’s The Story, Morning Glory when you need it?(Mental note to self: must get one. Now.) Instantly hooked, I went on a treasure hunt for Season One. The whole thing took three days, a couple of nasty DVD dealers, and well, a couple of hundred bucks. Well worth it, but probably not worth your time if I just babble about it here. Buy the DVDs instead and see it for yourself! J

Just a rundown of my favorite characters in the series:

Ryan – Do you honestly think you can get away with just one look all through out the season?
Seth – You’re funny. You remind me of me, in a less autistic way. Or maybe not.
Summer – Not my favorite character, but she sure looks good with Seth. Better yet, in a bikini.
Marissa – You are a drunk skanky who doesn’t know where to position herself in life. What the hell is wrong with you, girl?
Sandy and Kirsten – Can anyone request for a better set of parents? Open-minded, forgiving, idealistic, good sense of humor, and did I say rich?
Anna – Love the goofy pixie thing. Where can I find someone like you?
Hailey and Alex – Must stop drooling right now…

I heard that Season Three just started. As of press time, I’ve got ten more episodes of Season Two lined up. Let’s see how that goes.
Wednesday, September 07, 2005

US Open 2005 Quarterfinals - Men's Draw

Federer vs Nalbandian - The biggest news I've heard all week about the game's top dog is about losing a set (much credit to Nicolas Kiefer. Again.) No problem for him dispatching Nalbandian. Straight sets.

Hewitt vs Niemenen - I lost a pick because Safin withdrew. Drat. Hewitt has been hush-hush all tournament, and no one is complaining. Much less paying attention. He'll put out passing shot after passing shot in his match with Niemenen, the Finn will strike back with his beautiful one handed backhand. Nevertheless, I see a straight set finish.

Coria vs Ginepri - With Andy Roddick losing his mojo on the first day, Ginepri is more than willing to take the challenge. He outlasted Gasquet in 4R, and with the crowd helping him out, take out Coria in 4.

Blake vs Agassi - More reasons for US cheer. Rewarded by a wonderful summer season, Blake is expecting a trip to the semis, but not before taking out Agassi here. Having played a tough 5-setter with Malisse in the previous round, Andre just might be running low on reserves. If the match lasts beyond 4 sets, expect a Blake win. Then again, I'm predicting a 4-set crowd pleaser here.

Federer vs Hewitt - Poor Hewitt. Straight sets again.
Ginepri vs Agassi - See same comments as with previous round.

Federer vs Agassi - Sure, they've reserved the best for last. But then again, there is no stopping Federer. It is a final, and he has no plans of ruining his very long streak.
So, the set he lost today, was going to be the last one.

I'llmake sure YOU retire before I do

The game's top dog - no doubt about it.
Tuesday, September 06, 2005

US Open 2005 Quarterfinals - Women's Draw

Isn't that a beefy? One of my best pickings so far! Seven out of the chosen eight made it to the final 8. I shouldn't have chosen Svetlana. Tsk.

Maria vs Nadia - Top seed has never looked any better. Her 'home' Grand Slam may be on grass, but hard courts are the next best thing. Maria in straight sets.

Kim vs Venus - The match of the round. Kim is playing the season of her career, with only one loss on US soil all year. Venus on the other hand, is enjoying a revival of her own - she puts a stamp on Serena that she was top dog in the family. However, based on the Williams match on Arthur Ashe the other day, Venus still needs some shaping up to do to counter Kim's red-hot streak on the courts. The Belgian in two hard-fought sets.

Mary vs Amelie - So Mary got her revenge for a rather humiliating French Open final. Next up is fellow countrywoman Amelie in the QF. Much has been said that Amelie is a choker when it comes to tight matches, but the same can be said for Pierce. I have yet to see Pierce take a break point (or a set point, or a match point) at the first occassion. I'm sure she has, but they're not that much compared to "Break Point Number X" where X is greater than one. Let's see... If Mary wins the first set, she can pull through in 3; if Amelie does take it, she will win in two. I'm going for a 3-setter here for a Pierce victory.

Elena vs Lindsay - Lindsay has the easiest draw. We all know that. Straight sets again.

Maria vs Kim - Hmm. Kim will win, over a determined Maria in a 3-set classic.
Mary vs Lindsay - Mary won the battle of the veterans in her Roland Garros semis, but not here. Lindsay is too powerful for her. Straight sets.

Kim vs Lindsay - A dream final. I really wouldn't mind who will win this one: a cagey veteran on her quest for the icing on her cake, or a perennial bridesmaid to the Grand Slam weddings. I would want a Lindsay victory, but my gut says no. She got 2 out of 3 runner-up trophies from this year's Grand Slams, why break the trend? Kim to win her first Grand Slam in 3 wonderful sets. Oh, and did I say that her first GS win has a 2.2 million dollar price tag?

Runner-up again

2.2 million dollars baby!
Thursday, September 01, 2005

I got arrested today

Yup I did. One-way traffic violation. I must admit that bribery is bad, but the guy asked for it. I asked for a reprieve, a quick sorry, but he insisted. I rally don't mind, since 100 is far from 2 grand and a lot of hassle.

My bad for not knowing the city streets. Then again, it's my first day here. And my promdi accent just works wonders.