Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fruits and Fishes

So, in a matter of weeks, I had my next CouchSurf. I really did not mean to host this time, but how can I resist hosting friends I've met before? And it doesn't help my cause that she's a lovely Lithuanian lady. The upside is, my parents were forced to do some research - where is Lithuania?

After a night of partying and drinks, we headed out for Batangas. On the way there, a mandatory stop at Tagaytay was definitely due. My friend was vegan, and like a moth to a flame, she was immediately drawn to the fruit stalls leading of to the ridge.


I really should be doing profile photos of my guests. Hehehe.


It was my first time to snorkel, and in order to preserve the novelty of the experience, I decided to defer diving to a later date, and perhaps with another guest. Still, snorkeling and feeding the fishes was a great activity, if you're a fan of nibbling (pervert!) fishes.

And oh, my camera died on me; and this was the last photo I took.

Monday, November 12, 2007

I Just Want To Blog Right Now

I may be dizzy from being too tired, I may have loads of work-related issues I have to deal with, and hordes of blog entries that need to be written, but I just want to say that right now.

As a friendly reminder to myself, I mnus remember to blog about my snorkelling experience, my 3rd CouchSurf hosting duties and a some other things.


As a fortune cookie to end this short entry, I saw this motivational slogan largely written on an elementary school wall: "Be proud, you are a teacher - the future is in your hands!" Strange, that's the first time I saw that the motivation was for the teachers, not the students.