Friday, February 15, 2008

Couchsurfing The Forest

Initial impressions. Done. Time to get my things settled in, drop off my stuff, and meet my host in Brisbane. Much thanks yet again to CouchSurfing, I found a willing host to lend me sleeping space for my 4 day stay. All I know is that the house was in the university district, so I board a bus headed that way. I meet the first and only jerk throughout my journey, and he gave me attitude for not knowing where the place was. Duh, it's my first day here, and he's the one driving around the area!

Anyway, I ask the local petrol shop for directions (you know which one), and since there weren't any buses headed that-a-way, decided to walk it. It turned out to be a 30 minute walk, not so bad, until I get to the house. The house looked like Macaulay Culkin ran through it in Home Alone. All the doors were open, there were sheets and mattresses on the floor, there was a couch on the tree in front of the house, and a fridge on the lawn! So I tried contacting my host, until I eventually gave and, and fell asleep on the couch. Thirty minutes later, someone wakes me up and asks me what was I doing at their door and my lovely host comes to the rescue! I dump my things, have a quick chat, then return to the city.

Later that evening I meet all 6 housemates, and their current couchsurfer, Graham. While drinking goon (translation: cheap wine in a box), I am informed that there will be two more lads coming in, and there is a couch on the roof. Awesome, awesome, awesome! The wine, and the fantastic views of Brisbane, and great company are definitely the highlights of my Brisbane trip.

Lots of people!

Eventually, there would be 13 people staying at that house (the facial expression on the guests' faces, including mine, were priceless!), with the last guy in getting to sleep sitting down on the couch. I'll forever remember the roof-couch, great goon, and trivial pursuit. Definitely one of the most memorable CouchSurfing experience I've had.

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lateralus said...


Did your host have a showroom for couches?

monsterboy said...

Six had their own rooms - twas their house anyway, leaving us 7 to look for open spaces. There were 2 beds, 2 sleeping bags, 1 mattress and a couch. Leaving one fellow to sit on a chair :D