Friday, June 08, 2007

You Don't Know Jack

Just Jack that is. As a final salvo to Summer 2007 (too late now, I know), I chanced upon a really cool video late at night on MTV. It was Glory Days by Just Jack. It was so catchy that I literally went on a witch hunt for his latest album, Overtones.

The comparisons to Mike Skinner/The Streets are unavoidable - with easy beats, almost spoken word delivery, and a quick wit that matches it, I'm afraid the similarities end there. The cockney accent, acerbic commentaries, and rants on louts and geezers are definitely Mike's specialty. Jack on the other hand, focuses on lighter things, like having a good day, telling stories and disco people.
While you're thinking that he's just humdrumming daily news, he also provides inside perspective to celebrities and the pop music factory, to the ups and downs of relationships.

I was pondering on a weasely solution to a major boo-boo I did at work; my epiphany came when I was listening to the final song of the album, excluding the hidden track (which sounds more like LCD Soundsystem). The song was Spectacular Failures; yeah, the irony almost killed me.

Anywaaaay, so far it's this year's best "new" music discovery.

Now you do! It's pop/hip-hop/garage rolled into one...

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monsterboy said...

I forgot to mention in the post that jack sounds like a Walthamstow-era East 17 (when the Tony Mortimer headed the group). Remember Deep?