Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hah! I Got A B!

My Lakbayan grade is B!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

Good thing I got to travel much during my Davao stay. Otherwise, I'd probably get a D.

By the way, nice job with this one, Eugene!

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lateralus said...

Notable stuff:

Well, other than the Mindanao blues, it's remarkable that Boracay isn't marked! Mountain Province = not marked. Shame on you. haha

Btw, were you the one who linked to the youtube video?

hellgod said...

onga no... Never been to Boracay, Sagada and Banaue?

Ako, I only got a C- haha... Boracay pa lang yung napupuntahan ko outside of the first four regions*

*Is Palawan still part of Southern Tagalog, or Western Visayas na sya? If it's the latter, then that makes two islands outside of the first 4 regions :p

monsterboy said...

Sharp eyes! Yes, I've never been to Boracay. As for Sagada/Banaue, the thought of a 14hr bus ride simply daunts me. But, I promise to go there. Really.

Benj: Nope, I didn't like a youtube video...

Alvin: Last time I heard, Visayas na siya.

lateralus said...

Somebody tried to use your name to leave a comment. Hmmmm. Netherlands yung address.

lateralus said...

Is Palawan still part of Southern Tagalog, or Western Visayas na sya? If it's the latter, then that makes two islands outside of the first 4 regions :p

Alvin, I think this was changed about 8 years ago. Western Visayas na ang Palawan.

monsterboy said...

Check your latest comments. Nobody stole my name.

Eugene said...

Hi Ronnie! To get an A, you probably really need to see more of Palawan, the Visayas, and Bicol. :)

Grabe, Halos napuno mo yung Mindanao, ha? I'm impressed.

Regarding Palawan, there was an Executive Order signed by GMA transferring Palawan to Western Visayas around 2005. Palawenos complained and so the Order was held in abeyance, so meaning, the status quo still prevails yet.

monsterboy said...

Hi Eugene! Yeah, spent 2 years traveling around Mindanao. Sayang nga hindi ako nakapag Siargao. I drove quite a lot on empty streets ;)

I promise to go to Bicol and Leyte. Hehehe> Baka maka A na ako sa susunod =)

nina said...

Parang ikaw palang ata ang nakita kong nakakuha ng B. Yoko nga 'tong i-take kasi feel ko D lang makukuha ko hahahaha.

aajao said...

bakit kaya hindi masyadong puntahin ang eastern part ng bansa?

monsterboy said...

Hey Jon, I have a theory on that:

Apart from being in the direct line of fire for oncoming typhoons, the eastern coast faces the Pacific Ocean.

That means ships and boats will have to sail the open seas before reaching shore. This is quite difficult, and cities on this side will be hard to establish (Remember that all great civilizations were borne near water). Notice that there is no major city on our eastern coast?

I can only think of one city facing the Pacific: Bislig City, but it has regressed since the closure of PICOP.


Nina: That looks like a hard tag!

aajao said...

but we can develop our coast lines over there, not? ok yung theory mo. it makes sense. kaya lang if we will rest on that, parang nakakapanghinayang yung part na yun ng bansa natin. we can make something productive for our country on the eastern part. hmm, local governments kaya ang trumabaho dito? oh well..

lateralus said...

aajao, it's not feasible and it's not practical. It will be far easier to develop those sites that are more convenient and cheaper to access instead of giving special attention to far-flung areas that won't be able to sustain such momentum. The wave of development will touch them last.

monsterboy said...

Yes we could develop the eastern side, definitely. However, the established ports are all on the west coast - east should've been developed then, but with naunahan na sila sa kabila.

A bit too late, and right now, if we do want to grow them, the effort may be a bit of a stretch and impractical. But hey, anything can happen :D

aajao said...

kaya nga local governments dapat ang trumabaho dito eh. build airports instead. or bridges connecting islands. magastos pero long-term ang pakinabang, no?