Saturday, June 02, 2007

Crash Memories

I initially planned to put a different entry on my blog, but something happened on the way home this afternoon. Northbound on Commonwealth, I saw a green Lancer (XFW 213) near Philcoa. The plate number seemed familiar.

Two years ago in January, as I was heading home from Starbucks Libis via Katipunan, a car swerved into the car I was driving, deliberately. The hit was on the rear passenger side, and due to the sudden impact, this caused my vehicle to cross the divider island, mowing down the trees. The result was 2 flat tires, a damaged rear, and a smashed front. Fortunately, I was able to steer myself from oncoming traffic, and not one of the other 3 passengers were hurt. The car that hit us? It stopped some 50 meters away, and after some 2 minutes, drove away.

I took note of the plate number for proper reporting to the authorities - yup that green Lancer was the one.

2 talkbacks:

hellgod said...

did you report it back then? what happened?

monsterboy said...

I did - after much chasing, my parents were able to get a settlement from a relative of the carowner. We never got to meet the driver of the car.