Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Six Weird Things Tag

Not once, but twice! So I decided to do a blog-tag where I will admit my weirdness (Way to go Sneexe and Lisa!).

1. I'm a music junkie. That's not weird, but I do have a database of all the music records I've purchased over the past years; organised alphabetically, sorted by Genre 1 (Rock, Pop, Soundtrack) and Genre 2 (Greatest Hits, Remix, Live). It also has a prerogative field Rating where (duh) I give them a score from 1 to 5. Only a select few get 5s. I'm somewhere around 220 original CDs.

If that's not weird enough, I have an annual music countdown. It started in 1995, peaking in 1997 and 1998 where I was able to rank 100 songs. There's an entry about the Best Music of 2006 somewhere here, and I'm currently compiling the list for 2007. So far, I have 30 songs for the year.

2. I am a product of what I watch. Therefore, I'm a little John Dorian, part Jim Halpert, yet mostly Seth Cohen. Sarcasm! Irony! Wit! Torpe!

3. I'm an Amazing Race nerd. Sans The Family Edition of course. I think I spent one whole evening talking to my best friend about Seasons 1-10, plus All Stars. This included all the cast, order of elimination, places they visited, and all sorts of trivia. (We met again the following day to continue the conversation) My favorite season? The third one, won by Flo and Zach. I saw it 3 times a week (yes, that's the premiere and the two reruns) during its first run.

Must take a break from embarrassing myself........... there. Onwards!

4. My trademark photoshot wherever I go: I must place the camera on the floor, and take a vertical shot of me, and the landmark I'm at. My profile picture here serves as proof. More? Can you guess where I took them?

This one's easy! Carvings!This one should be pretty easy as well

5. I talk to myself. Really, like a full-blown conversation. With accents. In the car. There's also some singing involved; and hand-/finger-waving like a rabid Mozart or a drugged Italian.

6. I think that's enough. Scared yet?

Oh yes. I would pass the torch to AM, to my sister Michelle, Mida, Benj and Tanya. I hope you have the time (and enough sanity, courage, blah blah) to write down your little quirks. Allez!

6 talkbacks:

sneexe said...

cool! :)

KLCC at night,
KL Tower by Day, and
some Chinese Temple Pillar? or perhaps a pillar of a road flyover / bridge...

Oh well, 2 out of 3?

ps: re no.5, you're Philipino... therefore that doesn't count as weird. More weird stuff please! (^_^)

monsterboy said...

Au contraire! I rode shotgun with one of my friends, and when I started conducting my hands ala Mozart, he was like "What the hell are you doing?" Hehehe.

Yes, Petronas for pic number 1 is correct.

sneexe said...

ai yai!

hmm... i give up :)

zahflo said...

hehe, i've seen that singing ronnie na, puro mariah carey pa. miss na kaya kita, see you soon i hope. :-)

monsterboy said...

Tsk, more shame on me! =) Yaiks!

Okay, the second picture is admiring the carvings at Angkor Wat. The third one is in Singapore - the Carlsberg Sky Tower (hello, tourist trap) over at Sentosa.

The one in my profile is by tyhe Oriental Pearl TV Tower in lovely Shanghai.

lateralus said...

Ill try to squeeze this into my regular programing.