The five guys on the trip were mostly newbies, save for expert Benj, but that shouldn't have stopped us from doing the Cave Connection. Wait, I think it was the torrential rains that prevented us from doing so. There, a legitimate excuse. We opted for the regular cave exploration, and it definitely goes down on the list of "Best Hundred Pesos I Ever Spent."

Further down in to the caves

Going down the caves were dead on slippery, but after the initial 20 minute descent, you reach the non-slippery sedimentary rocks double as a very relaxing foot jacuzzi.

Though not a fan of rock formations hidden in the dark, Sumaging Caves in Sagada provided us with a rappel, lots of rock hugging, and plenty of interaction with the cavern. There was even a point where the guide had to lodge himself on the wall, then fling you down like a human vine (and you would be Tarzan).

Runner up reasons why this cave was more enjoyable than Palawan's Underground Cave: 1) it did not smell of bat crap; 2) the jokes about the rock formations were bad, but our guide was admittedly deadpan and honest at the cheesiness of it, we partially forgive him; 3) I did not have to carry the torch and the matching car battery to go with it!

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wanderlass said...

were you boys in properly geared for "spelunking"? i wanna experience Sagada but I'm sucha wimp in the S sport. :(

monsterboy said...

No special gear required. Even fragile flowers like Benj enjoyed the trip.

I came in board shorts and a shirt - plus I brought along my 400D, wrapped water-tight.

Bring non-slip shoes, but they're going to ask you to remove your shoes as you wade in the water.

wanderlass said...

fragile flower! whahahahaha!

lateralus said...



best 100 pesos youve ever spent, no? ;p

im going again. LIKE NOW. :)