Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Best Music of 2008 - The Top 10

It's the last few days of the year, and it's time to give this list a wrap. I'll be posting videos/song of my favorite songs of the year, and will be updating this page everyday. Not exactly sure how it feeds into my Multiply account, so just click on this link to see the updated list.

10. Breakeven - The Script

Love it much more than TMWCBM, especially when it goes 'what am I supposed to do when the best of me has always been you?' Breakups are never mutually fair, and never fully equitable. You got that part right, mate.

9. Wow - Kylie Minogue

It's catchy, it's summery, and I can't stop bopping my head to it. Too bad I can't find the rap remix of it.

8. Mariah Carey - I Stay In Love

There's a specific memory from this song - I remember hearing it after an adreline rush of a concert called Lifehouse. It was a calming, yet interesting song that convinced me that the new album was worth a listen.

7. Calvin Harris - The Girls

Calvin Harris lands as the breakthrough dance artist this year, marginally beating Justice in the process. His 80s inspired beats is probably something we may need to hear less of, but that was a good decade for music still. Check out his video blog and find out how to make those fly shades.

6. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova - Falling Slowly

Quietly went through unnoticed, until that suprise victory at the Oscars. Poignant, sweet, and understated, it's a great movie, with a heartwarming soundtrack. Thank Ireland for producing a high ratio of wounded, broken singers per capita.

5. Taken By Cars - A Weekend Memoir (In High Definition) - Don't call it the token OPM in the list, because this one totally earned it. First heard the song at Octoberfest (in September), and then I knew, I found the best local act for the year. Bring on the shoegaze!

4. Jason Mraz featuring James Morrison - Details In The Fabric
The song is as intricate as the melody it weaves, and the fading in/out voices of the gentlemen. Morrison's raspy voice texture provides an excellent contrast to Mraz's solid voice. It's brilliant, and once again, Jason delivers another solid record.

3. Metro Station - Shake It
It's so catchy II can't take it out of my head. Forget the commercial that featured it (or the kids singing it look like mini Marilyn Manson), but you won't be able to stop moving to this song. Perfect to lift your spirits, whenever, wherever you are.

2. One Republic - All We Are
It was the year of Ryan Tedder and friends - he wrote almost every other song that was released this year, and I wonder where he gets all the energy to write all of them. This song stands out particularly in that album, as they funnel all that catharsis in one screamingly good song.

1. Lifehouse - Broken
A much much awaited concert with a heartbreaking finale all on top of a great radio remix, and a 6th Sense video. They replaced their finale song Everything, with this, and it was absolutely deserving. That alone speaks heaps. The crowning glory of my music year.

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