Women's Quarterfinals

Vera vs Marion
There's plenty to like with Marion - the quick smile, the quirky dance before serving that adoration for James Bond...but it's her tennis that stand from all of is. A weird looking double-handed forehand that produces so much spin that left two world #1s dazzled with her returns. Expect her to use these shots against an average Zvonareva, and return to the semifinal 4 in 3 long sets.

Jelena vs Dinara
Marquee match of this round. Jelena has been the darling of the crowd for the past week, after donning the Aussie flag and carrying the sentimental vote. I'd vote for her, but she's physically exhausted already from her grueling win over Kleybanova. It wasn't just the lengthy match, but the extensive amount of running done. A steady Safina who learned her lesson last year in digging dip, and creating turnaround matches will prevail in two.

Elena vs Carla
Giant-killer Carla's dream run will end here. A dominating Elena cooled off red hot winner Dominika in relentless fashion in the previous round. Just what Elena needed, a calming match just before the final barrage of matches. Dementieva in 2.

Svetlana vs Serena
Serena will out power and outplay with confidence in straight sets.

Semi finals and Final
I smell an all-Russian affair for the final, but an all-Russian affair at the semis? Quite possible, and that's with Sharapova by the sidelines. Though I picked Serena to ruin the Russian parade at the semis, a win is due for Elena Dementieva (my pick again!) with compatriot Dinara as runner-up in a replay of the Beijing Olympics.

Close, but not quite there yet

You don't waste too many chances to win! Finally!

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