Before I completely throw out my watered out orange trip planning book (here's what happened it *link*), there's one last story I'd like to share. Since it was my first day in Singapore, I'd naturally take a long walk to get a mental layout of the city. Went around Chinatown, Orchard Road and ended at Clemenceau near good old Shell House Singapore.

Naturally, I'd check the destination of the bus and its intended route marked on the waiting sheds, but this specific stop did not have the said poster. Anyway, I threw all care to the wind (I know it's just a metaphor, but exactly how do you do that?), and boarded the bus that I knew was going to Marina Square.

The first 30 minutes was suburb-scenic: well manicured gardens leading to well maintained housing settlements, clean roadways and orderly traffic. The thing was, I was running late for the concert and still needed to claim my tickets. After the first 30 minutes, things started to become eerie - the bus was going around in familiar loops, and I saw the same establishments and the same roadsigns. Apparently, I've boarded the Blair Witch Singapore Bus Ride - it's the same log, err it's the same IKEA store! Worried for missing the concert of a lifetime, I stepped out somewhere, boarded the subway, and got to the Singapore Indoor Stadium.
Freaky bus ride, seeing the same landmarks over and over again. However, the concert was spectacular, and that one I don't mind seeing all over again. In fact here are some pictures from the Coldplay concert.

In My's with the fans!

The Fix You Finale

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