Friday, September 15, 2006

New Music Week!

Well, there are also old ones in the mix. You already know that I picked up Eyes Open by Snow Patrol, and feasting on the delectable music from that album, decided to sample more music available from both Music and Recto One. Hee.

The end result, I have Ex-Girlfriends by Low Millions, Tourist by Athlete, and to round out the old, Chariot/Chariot Stripped by Gavin DeGraw and Move Along by The All American Rejects. Throw in a bunch of recent downloads from The Fray, Panic! At The Disco and Jack's Mannequin, I'm hoping to have a steady stream of new music that'll last me for a couple of weeks.

Let's start with Athlete: I've heard of this groups about once from PJ, and sampled their video "Wires" from YouTube. The general tempo of the album is melancholy, and a lovely sadness it quite is. Listen to the semi-happy Half Light, Twenty Four Hours and I Love. The general idea here is it's fantastic music to listen to while walking through London rain, mirthless, but never sorrowful, and all together, melodious.

Smoky and airy songs from Athlete

Low Millions' claim to fame is probably having the lead singer the son of celebrated songwriter Leonard Cohen (Hallelujah). I've only heard one song from them once over at LaunchCast, and it really didn't register - I'm not too sure which song it was, honestly. This album is definitely more radio-friendly that Athlete, but the novelty of a "theme" record is simply wowing me.
To all the girls they have loved before...
The album is called Ex-Girlfriends, with songs titled Eleanor, Julia, Nikki and Hey Jane, it's quite witty with the way they lay it out. My favorites include Hey Jane, Mockingbird and 100 Blouses. Strangely, I can sort of hear the similarities with Adam Cohen's voice with that of Michael Hutchence (RIP) of INXS.

Should have bought Gavin DeGraw's album much much earlier. The album is pop, with easy to get along music, and with truly heartfelt lyrics. However, I will admit that I got the influence from marathoning the three seasons of One Tree Hill on my DVD player. More Than Anyone would be a great wedding song; (Nice To Meet You) Anyway is a wonderfully written turn-down song (hehe), but my favorite would be the title track. That 'chocolate covered cherry' and 'seedless watermelon' line is just so...hmmm.. delicious. Chariot is all about hope, and listening to it gives me that.
Chariot, give me your strength

Lastly, All American Rejects is barely alternative, but more on pop. Imagine Click Five drinking Yoohoos, and AAR drinking gin tonic. Rock out to Move Along, Change Your Mind and Night Drive, but more importantly feel It Ends Tonight. Like I said in my other blog, liked Dirty Little Secret, loved Move Along, totally adored It Ends Tonight. Check out the video for this one too, the fireworks are just amazing.
Power pop!

Enough with the albums. I'm listening to Jack's Mannequin as well, whose crazed piano tunes are emo-worthy. But more of that when I actually get a copy of the CD.

*** Whew! Sorry long post everyone, looks like somebody's broke from CD shopping.

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monsterboy said...

An addendum to the Chariot review: While most albums would feature people asking questions (pertaining to life, love, relationships and what not), Gavin DeGraw's is for people who already have the answers to that. Its most famous single, I Don't Wanna Be, is knowing what you want to be in life, More Than Anyone is knowing who you're going to love forever, (Nice To Meet You) Anyway talks about knowing that the 'now' is more important that the 'what-if', Chariot is knowing what life is all about, and most importantly, Belief is knowing who you are and what you stand for.

It's pretty amazing that Gavin offers all these answers to some of life's hardest question. I'm honestly tired of asking, it's definitely better to know.

peejay said...

^nice one ron. never thought of it that way. my fave song of the album (one that i ALWAYS play anyway) is "crush." it never fails to make me shout along to the chorus hehe.

for unreleased tracks, check out "dancing shoes," and my all-time favorite gavin song, "dreams." also check out his version of "hallelujah," "jealous guy" and (would you believe) "against all odds." hahaha. ;)