Monday, October 02, 2006

Dead Stars On DVD

Ever seen the series Roswell? Recently purchased all three seasons on DVD upon my sister's recommendation (she was a fan of RPN Primetime - Ally McBeal on Tuesdays, Felicity on Thursdays and this show on Wednesdays). The short of it: Love the series.

Just like their home planet, the TV series faded into oblivion...

Roswell is the story of three teenage aliens, searching for a way back home, but more importantly, searching for themselves in an place that has come to be their home. While the theme is individualistic, the show appeals to me on a different plane: time.

The show first aired in 1999, and lasted three seasons into 2002. What truly strikes me the most was how I missed out on such a show, now that I spend evenings and weekends watching Smallville, The OC and One Tree Hill (My friends and I divide and conquer shows on DVD - one is in charge of CSI, Bones and the like; another covers House, Grey's Anatomy and Nip/Tuck; I take care of the teen soaps and Scrubs).

So, what was I doing in 1999-2002? I failed my first class (the only one), got too caught up watching Rurouni Kenshin (yey Anime!), volunteered for student council, and did reasearch work for school. So, that's where all my time went. Clincher alert, it has already been 7 freaking years since that. Whoa, whoa, whoa!

It's kind of strange to look at things you have just discovered and realise that they are already gone - I'm marveling at this nice show, and at the same accepting that the show is already cancelled. Reminds me of the short story Dead Stars - you're looking at the sparklke of a star, but it took light years to reach you and by the time it does, it's already gone.

ps. Damn, lots of pretty girls in Roswell - Shiri Appleby is so nice to look at, Majandra Delfino ain't bad either, but Katherine Heigl. Now that's a woman! Makanood na nga ng Grey's Anatomy, may shower scene sila dun, nakapost sa blog ni Jam.

Luscious Katherine Heigl even more lovely with the short hair.

pps. It may not be laden with archives of music, but there are great finds in the movie as well. Sensefield contributes a nice song to the original soundtrack, but the greats are I Shall Believe by Sheryl Crow (they aired this one 7 years after the album Tuesday Night Music Club was released - and I saw it 7 years after! Talk about delays.) and Walk On by U2 from the Season 2 Finale. I'm trying to install a music player to my blog so you can hear it as well.

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