Thursday, November 24, 2005

Travel: Tsk! and TMSK! (aka Shanghai Night One)

My "Welcome to Shanghai" dinner was a feast - 10 dishes at least, and we were only 3 people. It wasn't planned though. You see, English is not really widely spoken in Shanghai - hold that, English is not spoken by the Chinese in Shanghai. So when my friend pointed and inquired about several dishes, they assumed that we were already ordering them! Tsk!

A pleasant tree-lined walk (and at the same time give our stomachs ample time to digest all the food) to the city's new drinking joint Xintiandi featured bars, pubs and restaurants tailored into newly constructed (but with old architecture) French villas. One even boasted of a great Filipino band. Never mind that, we went to TMSK, whose glass counter is always good enough as conversation piece.

everyone's happy after a few drinks...

Then there was Luna and and a red-haired Deborah Harry. Funny, we were shouting Blondie. Anyway, I was only mildly buzzed but tipsy enough to have a direct ticket to lala-land when we arrived at the hotel.

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