Friday, November 11, 2005

Not so smart

Sabi ko na nga ba e. Hindi ako SMART.

After having getting my phone line disconnected, I immediately went to the nearest SMART wireless center to pay my dues and shove at SMART's ass that I can pay them my overdue amount of 500 big ones.

I didn't have my account number with me, nor did I have my billing statement (hence not knowing that I was already overdue) - so I just gave them my phone number. Apparently, the phone number I knew was not mine. I have been giving out the wrong number to people in my email correspondences, and perhaps egroups. Yaiks!

So to all, my apologies for giving out the wrong number. And much more so to the owner of the number I have been giving. I'm sure those pesky foreigner suppliers of ours must have had a field day looking for me.

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