Tuesday, September 06, 2005

US Open 2005 Quarterfinals - Women's Draw

Isn't that a beefy? One of my best pickings so far! Seven out of the chosen eight made it to the final 8. I shouldn't have chosen Svetlana. Tsk.

Maria vs Nadia - Top seed has never looked any better. Her 'home' Grand Slam may be on grass, but hard courts are the next best thing. Maria in straight sets.

Kim vs Venus - The match of the round. Kim is playing the season of her career, with only one loss on US soil all year. Venus on the other hand, is enjoying a revival of her own - she puts a stamp on Serena that she was top dog in the family. However, based on the Williams match on Arthur Ashe the other day, Venus still needs some shaping up to do to counter Kim's red-hot streak on the courts. The Belgian in two hard-fought sets.

Mary vs Amelie - So Mary got her revenge for a rather humiliating French Open final. Next up is fellow countrywoman Amelie in the QF. Much has been said that Amelie is a choker when it comes to tight matches, but the same can be said for Pierce. I have yet to see Pierce take a break point (or a set point, or a match point) at the first occassion. I'm sure she has, but they're not that much compared to "Break Point Number X" where X is greater than one. Let's see... If Mary wins the first set, she can pull through in 3; if Amelie does take it, she will win in two. I'm going for a 3-setter here for a Pierce victory.

Elena vs Lindsay - Lindsay has the easiest draw. We all know that. Straight sets again.

Maria vs Kim - Hmm. Kim will win, over a determined Maria in a 3-set classic.
Mary vs Lindsay - Mary won the battle of the veterans in her Roland Garros semis, but not here. Lindsay is too powerful for her. Straight sets.

Kim vs Lindsay - A dream final. I really wouldn't mind who will win this one: a cagey veteran on her quest for the icing on her cake, or a perennial bridesmaid to the Grand Slam weddings. I would want a Lindsay victory, but my gut says no. She got 2 out of 3 runner-up trophies from this year's Grand Slams, why break the trend? Kim to win her first Grand Slam in 3 wonderful sets. Oh, and did I say that her first GS win has a 2.2 million dollar price tag?

Runner-up again

2.2 million dollars baby!

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hellgod said...

ron: you may want to activate the password protection for comments to prevent spam comments like the one above hehe...

anywayz, great win for Mary over Justine (although i think Justine is not her old self ever since clay season finished)... On the Kim-Venus quarters, that's definitely the match of the Women's draw... i have a feeling that if Venus beats Kim, that will give her enough confidence to carry her all the way to winning the finals, (Kim is the fave to begin with so if she survives that match, she'll definitely win the whole title)

the Mary-Amelie match is very interesting din... Big possibility for a Mary-win there.

hehe sana wag ko sila majinx.

monsterboy said...

oo nga. makapaglagay ng password protection. stupid spammer. first time victim ako e.