Wednesday, September 07, 2005

US Open 2005 Quarterfinals - Men's Draw

Federer vs Nalbandian - The biggest news I've heard all week about the game's top dog is about losing a set (much credit to Nicolas Kiefer. Again.) No problem for him dispatching Nalbandian. Straight sets.

Hewitt vs Niemenen - I lost a pick because Safin withdrew. Drat. Hewitt has been hush-hush all tournament, and no one is complaining. Much less paying attention. He'll put out passing shot after passing shot in his match with Niemenen, the Finn will strike back with his beautiful one handed backhand. Nevertheless, I see a straight set finish.

Coria vs Ginepri - With Andy Roddick losing his mojo on the first day, Ginepri is more than willing to take the challenge. He outlasted Gasquet in 4R, and with the crowd helping him out, take out Coria in 4.

Blake vs Agassi - More reasons for US cheer. Rewarded by a wonderful summer season, Blake is expecting a trip to the semis, but not before taking out Agassi here. Having played a tough 5-setter with Malisse in the previous round, Andre just might be running low on reserves. If the match lasts beyond 4 sets, expect a Blake win. Then again, I'm predicting a 4-set crowd pleaser here.

Federer vs Hewitt - Poor Hewitt. Straight sets again.
Ginepri vs Agassi - See same comments as with previous round.

Federer vs Agassi - Sure, they've reserved the best for last. But then again, there is no stopping Federer. It is a final, and he has no plans of ruining his very long streak.
So, the set he lost today, was going to be the last one.

I'llmake sure YOU retire before I do

The game's top dog - no doubt about it.

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