Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Music: Orange County Style

However I may sound like a fan boy of the series, I am even happier that the series has a wonderful soundtrack. It takes a brilliant Oasis cover to pique my interest, and a cartload of college bands to sustain it. I cannot seem to remember any other TV show that has a great selection of unknowns and not-so-knowns in the soundtrack selection that this musical-horizon-expansion thing is simply overwhelming me.

Did I mention I just got myself a Sony Ericsson W800i? Recently being sold on the benefits of having an iPod Mini, this phone came just in time. It now houses my recently downloaded songs, recently bought albums, among others. Check out their official music guide for a detailed listing of all music used in the show, and do check out the four volumes of the TV show soundtrack – although the Chrismukkah volume might not seem to be my cup of tea. Or latke for that matter.

In conjunction with the topic at hand, the music of the OC is simply great. Mix One is not in the household right now, but Mix Two landed two weeks ago. There’s simply something for everybody. Feeling you want to rock out, jumpstart your morning? Try listening to The Eels with Saturday Morning. Pensive? There’s The Perishers with Trouble Sleeping, or Eastern Glow from Album Leaf. Sad, rainy day? Try listening to You Got Me All Wrong from dios malos or the remake of OMD’s If You Leave from Nada Surf (The 80s will be discussed in a separate article, I’m just waiting for my copy of the soundtrack to Sky High). More Oasis covers? Try out Ryan Adam’s version of Wonderwall (not as good as the original 90’s alternative scene anthem, but there’s a big bias from where that’s coming from). Snarky may not even be a word yet, but it’s a great description for The Dandy Warhols’ We Used To Be Friends.

My personal pick is by Halloween Alaska, called All The Arms Around You Now. It’s got that muted sound, plus the funky drumbeat, , and was used wonderfully at the premiere of the second season. Here is the song in full, since the song does not appear on any of the mixes of the OST yet.

Too many songs, too many bands, so little time? Sounds like it. Enjoy!

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peejay said...

ahh...the OC Mix(es). actually, the main reason i like the show so much is because of the music. all four of the OSTs are topnotch. sa mix one, check out "orange sky" by alexi murdoch. dude, yung song na yun pa lang - worth the price of the CD. (i actually first heard that song in an episode of dawson's creek years ago and have been looking for the cd since). mix 2, i can't get out of my player. you're right, there's something for everyone, pero favorite ko yung "hello sunshine" ng super furry animals tsaka yung tracks from death cab for cutie ("a lack of color") tsaka the perishers ("trouble sleeping"). mix 3 takes some getting used to (being a christmas album and all) pero still better than most. mix 4 is turning out to be really, really good, especially with the songs from sufjan stevens and imogen heap (siya pala yung isa sa frou frou, recently ko lang nalaman). syempre, ayos din yung "champagne supernova" cover.

whew. haba na nito. did you see the ep when death cab played? that was awesome! hehe. can't wait for the new season! =)

monsterboy said...

Ano, Imogen Heap is half of Frou Frou? Cool!

Yeah, I have Mix One, care of lil sis. Mix 2 is better than the first one, but yeah, my favorite track is Orange Sky. It makes up for the whole album.

Late for the OC Appreciation party? Hell yeah, but better than never. Geek na rin ako. lol.