Sunday, October 07, 2007

Save The World (Part One)

Last April 9, Time Magazine published an issue called The Global Warming Survival Guide - 51 Things You Can Do To Make A Difference. They list down things we can do to help the environment, and I saved that copy to share here in my blog.

Time rates these little acts of kindness to Mother Earth on three criteria: impact, time horizon, and feel-good factor. I'm picking out the easier things to do, with a high feel-good factor(FGF). Come on, make yourself feel better, by knowing your making the environment feel a wee bit better too.

1. Work at home - My favorite, haha. Seriously, if not required, why bother going to the office, waste parking space, gas, and contribute to the 2-hour jam at EDSA? FGF: 9/10.

2. Open a window - Hot in the house? Instead of running the AC, why not spend quality al fresco time with your folks at the porch? FGF: 9/10.

3. Pay your bills online - This one I just did. If you have constant internet access anyway, why bother getting (often delayed) billing statements in your pigeon hole? View and archive them online, then bank-permitting, pay the bills without leaving your desk and save paper, and courier incidentals in the process. FGF: 8/10.

4. Don't standby, shut it off - Instead of leaving TVs, DVDs, and computers on standby, shut them off if you don't mean to use them anytime soon. A maximum of 75% of all electricity consumed in a house is from appliances on standby. How much more for a cube farm? FGF: 4/10.

To be continued...

3 talkbacks:

alvin said...

I'm good with #1, 3 and 4. Yung 2 sa Pilipinas ko lang nagagawa. Hindi ko magawa dito, masyado malamig :p

monsterboy said...

Hehehe, work from home. I think #2 works both ways, if it's too cold inside, open a window (unless na mas malamig sa labas, patayin na lang ang aircon).

MaidenFlight said...

lol. coincidentally, i'm planning to type the rest (coz i seem to remember things more when they're in my pc, rather than a mag lying around somewhere) and take it to heart. the doable ones at least.