My mind is speeding right now, so I'll be brief. Or lacking coherence; you decide.

My boss made me go home yesterday for a stupid, worthless meeting. Missed out on a weekend in Sagada, drat.

Had a CouchSurfer drop by the weekend. Had loads of fun, and got to go to Baguio.

Here's my guest framed by the gates of San Agustin

Needles! Lovely 20 degree weather!

Got my Aussie visa this morning - but I couldn't purchase Oz Open tickets. Darned things are all sold out.

Almost got a heart attack from trying to work too hard. My project is going downhill.

Oh, you might want to try the deluxe bus from Victory Liner - they're 29 seats in one bus, with stewardess service and snack. The bus comes with a loo. As of today, the schedules are:

Lots of space!

MNL-BGO: 1315h, 2315h, 0015h
BGO-MNL: 1015h, 1115h, 1315h, 2315h, 0015h

Take a leak with a view! Make sure you aim well though...

Travel time is roughly 5.5 hours, and the ride is 600 pesos.

I better shut up now, because my head hearts, I mean hurts.

3 talkbacks:

nina said...

Congrats on the visa! Too bad nga lang about the Australian Open tickets :(

I'm here in Melbourne at the moment. Ang lamig, yun lang, ahahahaha.

I want to try Victory Liner's first class service. Going to Baguio lang ba meron?

monsterboy said...

Thanks, hahanap na lang ako ng specific tickets for the matches I want to see. Top of my list: Daniela, Maria, Martina, Lindsay =)

Yeah, I think the delixe buses are only for Baguio.

monsterboy said...

Correction, meron din atang deluxe (not delixe, hehehe) for Cagayan Valley.