Monday, August 13, 2007

Thanks For Voting! Next Leg, Perhaps?

Guys, much thanks for participating in the polls. Just as a segue (and to tie up the last couple of posts), I went Lonely Planet shopping with the sale at Powerbooks. And here's the decision:

I have ruled out Korea. Not too thrilling I guess, and perhaps, it's time to get out of Asia.

I tried to put the European options together. And like a true blue planner, the costs have been put in, itinerary set, and must-sees chosen. However, my window of travel is somewhere in the 1Q of 2008, and the average temperature in Europe is somewhere at ZERO degrees celsius. Winter wear was not part of my calculated costs (aah, alliteration working wonders!). The perfect time to get there is July.

So that I don't forget, the itinerary is something like: AMS-MUC-VIE-BTS-BUD-PRG-DRS-BER-AMS. Aww, shucks.

So folks, that leaves me with one option left: Australian Open, here I come! I don't intend to stay there the whole week, just the first 3 days. It's a more reasonable option, thanks to Mabuhay Miles. This way, I'll get to see more of the country.


Im putting in another poll. I'm set to see their big cities Sydney and (duh) Melbourne, as well as Adelaide to visit my relatives. However, which city should I NOT miss?

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nina said...

Melbourne! Beautiful city. I was in Melbourne during the Australian Open 2007, but it never crossed my mind to watch at least one game (doh!)

Sydney is also a great place to visit. Be sure to ride the ferry going to Manly beach!

The Gold Coast is... erm. Tropical. lol. It doesn't really have much character, but if you like going to theme parks, it's the place to visit. Medyo mahal nga lang.

Australia is a great choice for January travel. It's summer time, and though the temperature can rise up to 38C during the day, it goes down during the night. Sarap matulog! And if the wind comes from Antarctica, ang lamig din!

monsterboy said...

Hey Nina! Thanks for the trip, I'll definitely take a look at that Manly Beach over at Sydney.

As for Melbourne, I'm going to spend at least 5 days there, as I plan to buy a season pass for Rod Laver Arena.

My poll vote? Hobart. Interesting...

totomai said...

That's cool decision Ron!

Dont much about Australia, just dont forget to bring your camera. And take load of photos of you know who.