Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Coverage, Where Art Thou?

I am in a panic mode. Solar Sports, curse you for not bringing the US Open. You and your crummy programming execs. I hate you to bits right now.

Since they will not be carrying the last major of the year, it will be the first slam since US Open 2000 that I will miss. I remember sneaking into my aunt's house to watch tennis in 2001.

Fuming mad right here.

4 talkbacks:

kathie said...

wala na bang coverage ang espn?

monsterboy said...

Used to be on Solar Sports/Sports Plus, pero wala na daw :( Huhuhu.

Anonymous said...

ANo ba cable mo meron nang Balls CHannel na nagcocover ng US Open sa Sky Cable

monsterboy said...

Sky. Yeah, 2 days na akong puyat. Di ko lang na update, hehe.