Thursday, August 23, 2007


I recently went on a work-related meeting off the end of Batangas, and I took some pics. Just sharing, just before I go into full US Open mode.

Pink and Indigo Sky

Yellow Sunset

Shells In Bloom

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Jon Limjap said...

Beautiful pictures, Ronnie :)

Question: is it just me or is that last picture posted upside-down?

monsterboy said...

Uy, di siya baligtad :) Thanks for the compliment!

nina said...

Amazing photos Ronnie! I specially love the first sunset picture :)

monsterboy said...

Thanks Nina! Loved that first one as well. I had to stop by the road (and got mocked by local kids by the way, for taking a picture with no one in it - hahaha) to capture a funky looking scene.

totomai said...

loved the perspective on the last photo Ron!

keep on clicking :-)

monsterboy said...

Thanks. Practice, practice!