Sunday, April 22, 2007

Told Ya, I'm Just Big Boned

Here's a fact that a lot of you might not believe: I am only 2% over fat.

I recently signed up for a weight management program - to have a scientific and empirical measurement of "looking better" weight-wise, they decided to get some metrics involved. Height, weight (or for purists, mass), body mass index (BMI), and percentage body fat. Height is 172cm, and weight is 6lbs less from my last inaccurate weighing - which really doesn't give YOU guys anything, hehehe.

What was interesting was how they calculated your body fat; and the results surprised me too. To calculate body fat, the nurse handed me a thingamajig with handlebars, and you're supposed to hold it the same way a newbie driver is meant to hug the steering wheel (but not as tight though). The results: I'm just 2% above the expected body fat ratio. There finally is proof that I'm really big boned; but don't ask me about that BMI.

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lateralus said...

That's not as accurate, me thinks. I think that contraption measures the amount of fat inside you by sending an electric shock through your body.

2 percent over normal? a simple liposuction procedure will do the trick!

monsterboy said...

If it's just 2percent, why bother spending, not that I actually considered it.

aajao said...

hey, if one signs up here, do they "carve out" excess body fats? or the program is only designed to determine the fatness of a person?

monsterboy said...

valid point aajao!

the objective of the program is to reduce body fat, not just tell me. hahaha.