Friday, April 06, 2007

Old Music, New Hunt

I had intended to do this entry together with the newest hotshots on the tennis blog, but my laptop crashed, and lost all the album covers. Excuses aside, here it is, and I found an old gem sitting ob the shelves in Kuala Lumpur. And no, the title has nothing to do with a wedding (how does that saying go, anyway?) - but I tried the youngest people making a scene, and ended up with kids under their twenties. Boohoo, that makes me sound ancient.

I picked up Underage Thinking by Teddy Geiger, Beautiful Awakening by Stacie Orrico, and These Streets by Paolo Nutini. AT first I thought the Geiger record was brilliant, but then again, the adolescence is fairly obvious. Still, the album is still a credible effort, nothing to throw away, but it's a step above mediocre still.

What I found most enticing with the new Stacie Orrico album, was the simplicity of the melodies and the beats. The lyrics are only so-so, but the clarity of the message is there. I think I've overplayed the lead song, I'm Not Missing You so much that it's become rather anthemic (to which I now realise that it's become the opposite). I will not go into a long litany of personal issues here, lest I make penance for myself a wee bit early.

Most promising is These Streets - try to think of it as a Gavin DeGraw-esque compilation, minus the falsetto and oh-so-righteous edicts. Of course, Last Request stands out as the catchiest song in the albu, though I had initially heard a more tender version. It's a little to fast for a breakup-sex song. Hey, how many breakup songs have you heard anyway? Not to be disappointed, there are two bonus tracks on the end of the album, including an acoustic, more Scot version of Last Request - "Sloo doon, lie doon" he sings. I'm sure Grounddskeeper Willie would be so proud.

And for something old, I finally found Better Than Ezra's debut album, Deluxe. Woohoo! It's a definite throwback to the wonderful era of mid-90s alternative rock, where grunge as has just tempered, and glam was a definite no-no. Good is a certified Hall Of Fame song, and such classics as In The Blood, Rosealia and Porcelain make the album a must-buy. My favorite would be the nostalgic Time Of Year. You can feel it in the air, feel right this time of year. I'm hoping to find the rest of their albums, Friction, Baby and Before The Robots - but that's going to be a stretch, but we'll see. Apparently, I'm on the hunt once more.

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