Friday, January 05, 2007

Surprise Visit

Unlike my SEAsia trip last year, which I have probably planned to death, I am leaving tomorrow for Malaysia. After that, I'm going backpacking again, but this time, across Vietnam. This one, I have no pre-arranged plans, sort of. All I know is that my return flight to Manila is a week later than the rest of my officemates.

I already bought The Rough Guide to Vietnam (couldn't live without a map), and picked out some of the sights I want to go. Here's what I have so far: I have no tickets to Vietnam yet, nor hotel accommodations, but I have a plan!!!

The plan is to fly to Hanoi, spend a day there, then head to to Hue, then to Hoi An. From then on, I have no freaking idea whatsoever. I don't know if I should return to Hanoi and peek at Halong Bay (TAR10 went there), or proceed to Saigon. Take note that there are no cheap flights from Saigon to Kuala Lumpur, so I have to either proceed to Phnom Penh to fliy to KL, or fly to Singapore then bus back to KL. Hmmm....

All righty, my brain is fried from over thinking this one. Any suggestions?


Okay, so I probably think that you wouldn't believe me if I really plan on winging this one. The route I'll most probably be taking is:

Hanoi-Hue-Hoi An-Saigon-Phnom Penh-Singapore-KL. How I plan to travel that much in 7 days, I'm not so sure.

Oh, by the way, I'll be missing the first 3 days of the Australian Open, which probably means I won't be hosting the Fantasy League. But I think I still might have enough time to do the predictions =)

4 talkbacks:

nina said...

that's awesome! I don't think I can go anywhere without any plans or reservations.

Have a great time! looking forward to reading about your adventures in Vietnam!

benj said...

kudos for your guts, ron. :)

take good pictures! I heard there's this big temple there created by the government to combine the three major religions. I dunno where that is, though.

Magkano budget mo dito (if you dont mind me asking)?

monsterboy said...

Leaving for Hanoi tom. No reservations whatsoever, still!

Soent the whole day looking for a LAN connection for my non-WiFi ready laptop.

I promise to post pictures. Lots. Haha.

monsterboy said...

I'm here, and it's cold! Whoopee!