Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Best Songs of 2006 Part II

The top 20 for 2006. All songs here can be found in my Multiply account: monsterboy music and words .

1 Move Along - All American Rejects
Rock on all year long. Also takes the cake for this year's Best Video, next to OK Go's treadmill bit.

2 Catch Your Wave - Click Five
Like I've said before, pure pop for the summer. This one's for you J.

3 Raindrops - Stunt
Picking up pieces from 1997 list winner Encore Une Fois, Stunt manages to update it a decade later with a flourish.

4 Song For A Friend - Jason Mraz
Opera, rock, rap, you name it, Mraz can sing it. Here he belts out a brilliant song with amazing lyrics to boot.

5 Hallelujah - Bamboo
It's very rare for an OPM track (in Filipino at that) to make it to the list. Bamboo truly earned this one.

6 I've Got A Dark Alley And A Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth (Summer Song) - Fall Out Boy
Perfectly captures that highschool-wallflower-at-the-prom feeling.

7 It Ends Tonight - All American Rejects
Another great catch from AAR. The fireworks in the video does wonders for the song.

8 Talk - Coldplay
X&Y is my favorite Coldplay album. There are a lot of other great songs, including A Message, Swallowed In The Sea and Fix You. Also, it's so much better hearing this one live.

9 Hands Open - Snow Patrol
The best song in the album, Snow Patrol breaks out of their whiny selves and dishes out a headbanger.

10 Over My Head (Cable Car) - The Fray
A relative newcomer, the groups carries the alternative sensibilities popular during the mid-90s.

11 Forever Young - Youth Group
This year's nostalgia song. Highschool, the 80s, prom, the OC, the works.

12 Open Your Eyes - Snow Patrol
They really should've released this song - I think it's so much better than a lot of the songs from such a good album.

13 Truth - Bamboo
The last riff that goes Ooh child, it's been so good since I last saw you gives me the shivers.

14 Statues - Low Millions
Bought the album on a limb, and did me wonders. Take note that the lead singer is Leonard Cohen's son.

15 7 Minutes In Heaven (Atavan Halen) - Fall Out Boy
Play this song during the summer and go wild!

16 Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
This one gets brownie points for having a wicked remix. Minus points for wrongly used in the season finales of Grey's Anatomy, much more so for One Tree Hill.

17 Thinking About You - Ivy
Old artist discovery of the year. A zesty find, and a refreshing melody.

18 I'm Not Missing You - Stacie Orrico
Much respect for this fine lady for crafting songs without sounding the a pop machine.

19 Nothing In This World (Jason Nevins Remix) - Paris Hilton
Yes, the thought of having Paris Hilton in the list might be cringe-worthy, but Jason Nevins did a great job of de-bimboing the song... Besides, TIME magazine did admit that the album is not as crass as you might think.

20 How To Save A Life - The Fray
Loved the song, but not because of Grey's Anatomy.

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