Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Music From Vietnam

No. It's not what you think. This is the Vietnam soundtrack I packed with me for my week long trip.

Surfacing by Sarah McLachlan

Great album, thanks to a gift voucher, I finally have my own copy. Hey, when is she releasing her next album?

Oh No by OK Go

That novelty treadmill dance aside, give this group a nod for being a credible addition to the music scene. The whole album simply rocks, and my favorite would be Invincible. The album comes with a free VCD, so if you want to see that treadmill video over again, along with documentaries, and ripoffs of their other dance, then this is the summer album for you.

Let Love In by Goo Goo Dolls

Mayller, you were right! It's a fantastic album, and should've bought this one sooner. I have a theme with anthemic songs (Let Love In), or songs that start slow, and those that start to swell up a storm (Better Days), or just something you could bang your head to (Stay With You). Better Days would be my favorite, as it captures the wonderful sentiment of the holidays melded with that hopefulness and optimism.

Beautiful Awakening by Stacie Orrico

So Simple and I'm Not Missing You were definitely the the easy listening songs of the bunch. Well worth it.
TAR10 went here, and I'm enjoying the tunes on my Walkman

No blog post yet, but a little picture should be enough as a teaser.

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monsterboy said...

I forgot to add - I picked up Red Book by Texas, and in true Sharleen Spiteri (haylabsyu!) fashion, the album was great. Pick up the track Nevermind, while you're at it.