Thursday, November 23, 2006

You Know It's Christmas When...

No, this will not be a hearwarming post, no fuzzy-warmness here.

You know it's christmas when crimes start going up. At the very onset of the "-ber" months, two of my friends got nabbed of their phones. Last week, my brother got mugged and shot, a mere 10 minutes away from our house. That is crap.

Just a note to everyone. Though it may be the perfect reason and time to be inebriated, party like dogs, and perhaps shop all night, there are a lot of people there planning to get their "Christmas Bonus" in a not-so-nice way. Just be careful.

ps. My brother is recovering in a hospital. And hopefully, will be out in two week's time.

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nonoy said...

hey i'm sorry to hear this. my mom (and a friend of hers) got held up last Thursday in a cab. was supposed to blog about it so some may be forewarned and take necessary precautions.. anyway, i have texted some of my pals about it specially the ladies. ingat-ingat lang talaga sa panahon ngayon..

monsterboy said...

Thanks. My brother is doing better now, he's at home catching up on all the DVD's he's missed.

Ingat na lang kayong lahat, as it's really difficult to wander out late nowadays.