Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I Got Tagged Part 2

I couldn't resist. Sorry! Normally, I've been sleeping like a log, whether it's from sheer exhaustion or whatnot, I get a normal load of snores in order to muster enough energy to drag my sorry little ass to work on a daily basis. Well, lkooking at the time of this post, today, I'm a couple of Zs short.

So I've decide yo do another round of that post I did earlier this afternoon. A total change of playlist that I'm loading to my newly-acquired FM transmitter-connected phone.

1. Two Star by Everything But The Girl
2. Colorblind by Counting Crows
3. Never Is A Promise
4. Breathe by Michelle Branch
5. We Never Change by Coldplay

There. That's just five, but it's all mine - I'm keeping this all to myself. No tags whatsooever, ha.

3 talkbacks:

guile said...

i love that fiona apple song..

Anonymous said...

i like your site. it makes sense and contributes on a lighthearted note. u seem like u don't spend your time on useless stuff but spend it on worthwhile things that are honestly fun and good :-) keep up!

monsterboy said...

Guile: Yeahn that Fiona Apple album rocks. Too bad it's out of print =(

anonymous: Wow, thanks! Let the fun continue!