Sunday, July 23, 2006

Things I Never Got Used To On My Trip

1. Right-hand drive roads. I've already lost count the number of times I've been almost hit because I was looking on the other side of the road for vehicles. I mean, which way do they come from, really?

2. Squat toilets. My dear fellow Filipinos, we are lucky not to have prevalent squat toilets - instead, we have been blessed with porcelain thrones. Even the swanky KLCC in Malaysia has a 1 to 1 allocation of squat toilets. This is a disadvatange for me, since my aim is not that good. And my legs/thighs hurt. Thank goodness I'm home, it's always the best seat in the house, all the time. Whew!

3. How do the floors go anyway? One thing I'm on the ground floor, then on the first floor. Do you start from floor zero? And what is a concourse floor anyway?

2 talkbacks:

peejay said...

Ron! You back? Sali ka naman sa mayermanila, the first egroup for fans of John Mayer in the Phils. Fan ka naman di ba?! Hehe. Send a blank email to Sali na!


monsterboy said...

Fan ba ako? Parang hindi na ata....hmmm depende sa bagong album. Hehehe