Thursday, July 13, 2006

Greetings From Angkor Wat

Hello everyone! I'm logging in Siam Reap right now, so can't blog much long, but this backpacking bit is truly fun. Cheap hostel, great sights, and different cultures.

The Angkor Wat is just absolutely massive, and will take me about 2 days tro explore the whole temple complex. Am actually half-expecting to see Lara Croft here. Haha.

Will definitely post pictures once I get back. Until then!

2 talkbacks:

marc dionisio said...

hi ron!wow natuloy ka na pala sa vacation sorry di ako naka uwi sa manila on time to catch up with your endeavors.;-)

tell me more about your experience and all.okay.just message me.take care always

monsterboy said...

oist marc!

Yup, natuloy din. Hehehe. And paying for it dearly at work. San ka nga pala ulit based? Last time I remember was Middle East, right?