Friday, January 13, 2006

Travelling While Being In A Cube

Work has been murder recently, so I guess I haven't been able to update my blog as much as I want to. However, all things must start from somewhere, so here's to a productive blogging for 2006. *raises glass of wine*

One of my recently discovered hobbies is travelling. Okay, not recent (and most definitely not a hobby - let's just say, umm, interest), I think I'm one restless guy when it comes to travelling. Last year was beautifully lucky, as I was able to go to three different countries. My plans for this year? I don't know, but I'm hoping for at least 2, one for personal purposes, and the other from work. Besides, my lounge access pass will expire by February 2007, so I'd best make the most out of that. There is a pending invitation for Bangkok and Angkor Wat in May, and a Macau-Hongkong-Shenzen in January 2007. As for what happens in between, I'm still hoping to get a whiff of Singapore within the year.

Long term goals? Beijing and Melbourne 2008. I absolutely vowed to watch a Grand Slam tennis tournament in this lifetime, so the Australian Open is the most practicable, and least expensive one. Beijing, has one great come-on, "negative two degrees celsius". If Shanghai was cold, this will be frigid. So, how do I manage these? I currently have 35 thousand miles, I think I can purchase the HKG and BKK tickets, which leaves me enough miles for Melbourne. *crosses fingers*


However, since my resources are really limited, there is a better way to travel. Forget surfing the Web, I found a better one. It's called Google Earth.

I absolutely adore maps, and the one the Google Earth provides is a clear satellite image that allows you to zoom to an area with the click of a finger.

Syempre, inuna ko na yung Manila. Unfortunately, the staellite images of Manila aren't as clear as the others - which is okay, the building views of New York or Chicago are fine by me. What's funny is, the fields of Pulilan, Bulacan are clearer than Manila's. What gives?

This is a great substitute to picture viewing, on one day, I was coasting the Red Square in Moscow, the other minute, I was looking for La Guardia Airport in New York City. Words cannot simple express how happy I am with this program. Really.

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