Lindsay vs Justine
Ironically, these two players have crept up to the quarterfinals with minimum fanfare, yet their match-up is the de facto final. Last time they played in Melbourne Park, Lindsay squandered a 5-2 lead to lose the match. With an ankle injury hobbling her, it looks like JHH will definitely move a step closer to that delicious SF encounter with Maria Sharapova. JHH in 2 tight sets. Dang it, I hope I'm all wrong with this one.

Maria vs Nadia
Interesting to note that of the 24 tournaments Nadia has joined she reached the QF or better in 17. That's consistent, and that's why I should've chosen her over Elena. Crap. However, Maria has definitely the will and firepower to blast her off court. So, straights for the Maria glamour-girl-but-has-poor-tennis-dress-taste Sharapova.

Patty vs Amelie
Amelie is too strong for Schnyder. But granted, Schnyder has had her most success on Rebound Ace, albeit in other tournaments. So I'd say, 3 sets, going to Amelie's favor.

Martina vs Kim
The match to watch. I hope I'll be sitting at home in time to watch this game. How are all those injuries Kim? Looks like there is yet another opportunity in the draw that Martina Hingis can capitalise on. Having tested by Aussie Sam in the previous round, I hope she regained her ability to win through difficult times, since she's going to do a lot of running in a match with the reigning US Open Champion. I dunno, I'm hoping for a Martina win, for a fairy tale ending, but my head is saying Belgium in straight sets.

Semifinals and Final
An all-Belgian encounter, again? And this time, Kim will make sure that she sure ain't going to be the bridesmaid at Justine's wedding party again. That's 2 slams in a row, for Kim, I hope.

This thing ain't worth 2.2 million, but I'll take it!Yes, I forgot how it feels like to be runner-up...

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