Monday, October 31, 2005

Music: Beautiful in Bloom


This is Bloom, the latest remixed album of Sarah Mclachlan. It contains 10 tracks, mostly lifted from her latest studio release, Afterglow. Remixing Mclachlan seems to be a more ethereal musical journey, as compared to listening to her studio songs. It's Enya, minus the New Age, and it's post-Missing EBTG sans the house.

The album opens with a chilled-down remix from Junkie XL, whose previous works include Elvis Presley's A Little Less Conversation (football, anyone?) - tempering World On Fire to an ambient trance mix. It closes with the Juniors Boys Mix of an older song, Fumbling Towards Ecstasy.

The album offers a limited spectrum of electronic music though, in a good way, since too much bass-pumping and beat-thumping is something I reserve for other artists. Great tracks include the haunting Dirty Little Secret, an opera-meets-dancehall Vox (reminiscent of the alien performance from The Fifth Element), together with Stupid and Train Wreck.

It's actually nice to note that McLachlan is open to musicians wanting to alter her masterpieces - here's to hoping that other artists with the same soothing voice quality do the same. Dido (who worked with Faithless on just one track), John Mayer, but probably not Norah Jones.

I've shared some of the songs from Bloom below. Enjoy. And yes, not to sound preachy here, but if you do like them, pick up the original ;)


World On Fire

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