Monday, October 24, 2005

Feeling that buzz

After years (count 'em - 8, I think) of practice, I finally got drunk. Not the I'm-actually-more-sleepy-but-not-really-drunk kind of drunk, nor the my-head-aches-terribly-therefore-I'm-drunk, and most definitely not the I've-had-so-much-to-eat-I'm-not-getting-enough-oxygen-to-my-head-therefore-I'm-drunk, but the I-can't-feel-my-limbs-but-I-can-drink-some-more type of drunk.

I've always thought I'd be the quiet type, but I've been watching a lot of The OC, so I'm more attuned to mindless babbling laced with sarcasm. Like my sister said while opening our front door, how stealth.

So, congratulations to me. And good luck with that hangover.

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