Sunday, May 15, 2005

Thursday TV nights

I particularly miss the days that I devoted my time to television. It has been so hard for me to find a telly show that I will religiously follow the schedule of. Though I am halfway between a couch potato and a non-TV watcher...let me explain that. That's pretty vague.

In general, I don't watch TV. Prior to reality shows, I don't remember following anything with a passion. I didn't exacty watch the first Survivor, but I followed The Australian Outback closely that I cut work just to watch the finale. I also remember skipping parties just to dash home and catch the first showing of TAR 3 (and watch about 3 replays of it). Those were the days eh? Stopped watching Survivor when it became exclusive to a non-cable channel; and ever since The Amazing Race got too public with their stop in the Philippines (among other reasons), my interest waned.

Lucky, Mark Burnett is a greedy chap. Like all first seasons, I never got to watch The Apprentice in full. Now, my Thursdays are reserved to watch The Donald fire some business wannabes. Probably this is my personal response to the current climate of reality shows where meritocracy does not count. Survivor is never about outplaying to win, but more on outwitting by strategy, a who's-covering-your-ass affair. American Idol is never about who's the better singer, but who's the most popular. And while TAR remains to be my favorite show, reality or not, luck is a constant factor in the game.

Maybe I'm just getting older. I want to see people get fired for their bang-ups rather than see someone get the boot for believing somebody else's lies. Then again, I think that people should be lauded for the things that they get right, and people kicked out for the things they get wrong. The Apprentice gets me. I'm currently watching Season 2 while the 3rd season is under way. I haven't completed the first one (can't wait to get the DVD), so there's a lot of TV nights still in store for me.

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