Just before the summer ends, and exactly just before the rains come pouring in, CS Manila had its first Summer Scramble. I've always wanted to be in the Amazing Race, but this time, I had to step back and organise one for my beloved travel group.

Since I was a TAR fan, and had a pretty good idea of sights in the city, druming up ideas for the race was not as difficult as most people would thin it would be. Plus having the experience of running a virtual The Amazing Race isn't so bad in creating challenging tasks.

I'm sure people have blogged about the event, and it's really great hearing it from the racer's point of view. We've got
AJ, whose narrative was the most comprehensive I've seen yet; Greg, whose photos were just gorgeous; and Ryan, whose video blog was just hilarious.

So let's give it a different outlook - let's take it from the organiser's perspective. I must say, my photos are the worst ones, good thing my friend tagged along to be the semi-official photographer.


Creating the challenges were easy, took me about 3 hours to write them all up in an Excel file after Lilliane mentioned the idea to me. The difficult part was testing it. Though we tested the race in parts, a full dry run never managed to be squeezed into my schedule.

* to be continued *

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Angel said...

Thanks for organizing Manila Scramble Ronnie! We are all waiting for season 2! hahahaha!

BTW: I already blogged about it here: http://www.lakwatsero.com/2009/06/08/manila-summer-scramble-2009-adventure-race-in-the-city/

AJ said...

Congratulations for such a successful and fun race! Bonggang bongga!

lateralus said...

With this comment, my team is officially the first team to have all members leave a comment on this post!

...ay, may isa pa pala.

monsterboy said...

I feel that I should reward your team, 'Snarkiest'. Hehehe.