Saturday, June 13, 2009

Greatest Of All Time

Best ever!

So I've been a bit delinquent in updating this blog - so much that I missed my QF predictions for Roland Garros (never missed one, even when I was backpacking). I blame my busy sched, combined with the stringent internet filters in the office (BOO!).

Anyway, I popped the bubbly (Coca Cola) after Roger Federer's historic, record-match 14th Grand Slam win. It finally happened, too bad that Nadal wasn't across the net when that happened. Many will label Roger as the best ever, but I feel a bit irked for those who immediately labelled his win in Paris as an empty victory.

Retorts such as "he has a losing record against Nadal", "I don't wanna call him best ever until Nadal calls it a career" right Roger winning match point resounded with nothing but sourgraping. Nothing wrong with the statements mentioned - they are all valid, and definitely make a point,Rafael Nadal is definitely GOAT candidate. What annoys me is the immediacy of it. Federer finally won the title missing in his resume, after being stopped by Nadal for 4 straight years, and that is the congratulations he gets. I give the man props for being consistent, and being a beauty to watch the sport. Fed has made tennis look elegant and rhythmic, and perhaps that's his strongest case yet.

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bonbonita said...


my thoughts exactly. some people just cant help but ruin the moment -- and they also cant seem to consider fed's consistency when talking about his career. 20 STRAIGHT Grand Slam Semis. Surreal.

Partida, nagka Mono pa yun.

monsterboy said...

20 straight SFs is a testament on how fantastic an athelete Roger is. Can you even name a top ranked athlete that has played 20 consecutive Slams, much less reach the SF in ALL of them?

That is not just history, but a legacy.