Sunday, December 21, 2008

That Twilight Book

I'm honest enough to say that the Twilight movie was pretty decent, apart from the fact I watched it in a Makati cinema late in the evening. (Still, that didn't stop Trish from guffawing madly at the pale figures on screen). The soundtrack though was pretty awesome - yey Iron and Wine!

The next step was for me to check out the novel. A boring family reunion plus a boring road trip minus no other book on hand equals a twilight opportunity. What was the book like? It was dripping in swoon. I'm worried that at every page the book will gasp-faint-then-shriek.

Every other paragraph was peppered with "dazzling," "perfect," or "flawless". We get it Meyer, you love the vampire - I just don't get it that he has to be described everytime. I'm starting to imagine how she wrote the book - oops. I'm supposed to be writing GP here, hehehe. But it's not a bad thought...

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