Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Our Christmas Tree Screams "Ho Ho Ho!"

How does you christmas tree look like? The rest of the family spent a good day at Trinoma running through the usual holiday chores. While dear Mom shot down my suggestion of getting a new tree, she went with new, untraditional (at least for us) trimmings.

So, Mom filled her basket with red lights, red poinsettias, red christmas balls, and to top them all, a red ribbon with a bow. Mom had a field day with it, and came up with this:

My sister gasped: "Cabaret much?"
My initial reaction: "Ma, our tree looks like a hooker!"

I'm buying a new tree next year.

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alvin, kid repetitive said...

I'm sure Santa would love it.

monsterboy said...

Who happens to have a penchant of who's naughty, and who's nice. I'm sure I know which column this tree falls under.

lateralus said...


MaidenFlight said...

LOL. this comment is so delayed, i know. but it was just too funny to keep mum--er, quiet about. ;)

monsterboy said...

No...all your comments are welcome, better late than never! My mom is of the decor committee this year.

monsterboy said...

*out of* I mean.