Tuesday, September 02, 2008

US Open 2008: Women's Quarterfinals

Flavia vs Dinara
Looks like a winnable match for Lil Sister - with rising confidence and falling champions in her draw this should be a walk in the park for her to reach another Slam semifinal. Given that it's the hardcourts, expect Dinara to shine in straight sets.

Venus vs Serena
A very joyous occassion for American tennis fans. What they missed out in Beijing and an awful schedule in London, they will gladly make up on primetime. Both sisters have been cruising since W, but I would gladly give the edge to sister Serena. It's payback time, and has anyone noticed, she's World # 3 already? For all that popcorn factor, let's see this one stretch into the morning with 3 sets.

Elena vs Patty
Nice to see the remaining Swiss Miss to sneak in quietly in the draw. However, I don't think she'll be contesting for the title, and with a bonafide contender in Dementieva, consider her hopes dashed. I've seen 3 matches by Elena, and I've noticed that people have stopped picking on her serve. The signs are coming true! Two long sets here.

Sybille vs Jelena
She's the highest seed left, yet she hardly looks the part. She's lucky that Sybille is new to the big stage, and given the rowdy NY crowd and night lights, the Austrian might crumble to pressure. She should draw up her previous matches, and come out blazing - Jelena, show em you're in the mix to win the competition.

Less tournaments, more focus!

Semis and Final
I wanted a Jelena-Elena final, to guarantee that one of them will finally graduate from kiddie table onto the Slam Winners elite. If I was to choose which one of them is ripe to hold that trophy and 1.4 Mn USD booty, I'd side by the Russian. By this time, the Serb would've wilted from all that match play. To make her win credible, a final test with Serena Williams should to the trick.

A win! Finally!

On her way to claim the top ranking again..

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