Monday, September 08, 2008

Blinded By Memories

Stephan Jenkins brings it on!

I would like to believe that I have good music memory. The first record (cassette tape!) I ever bought was Vanilla Ice's To The Extreme. Yes, I have no shame saying that. The second CD I got, was Third Eye Blind - and it sits wonderfully in my music library, getting the distinction as one of my favorite albums ever. The year was 1997, and Semi-Charmed Life was my high school graduation song (see related music list here). And as with all my Favorite Song Of The Year Awardees, the nostalgia just flows when you hear your song. It's one of those few remaining songs that I can sing from memory.

Just when I thought my music year couldn't get any better (Lifehouse anyone?), I am presented with media passes to 3EB. Blogging, I love you even more. So, before I relapse in to total fanboy mode, let me just say that I had given up seeing them live. I honestly thought that there wouldn't be a chance in hell that they'd come over and perform here. Never say never I guess.

The great thing with the concert? They sang a lot of stuff from the first album, including Jumper, Narcolepsy, How's It Gonna Be, apparent cult favorite Motorcycle Drive By and God Of Wine for the encore. Missing from the list was Blinded, which was perfectly fine by me, and a personal favorite of mine, I Want You (also known as my favorite *ahemahem* song). That's all right, the set ended with the band performing SCL; even though I was dehydrated from all the sweat, and hungry for passing up the buffet dinner, it was one final chance to rock out to one of my favorite songs of all time.

Stumbled upon them during their soundcheck!

Just to wrap up a wonderful night of memories, it felt like graduation day for me all over again: the sky was gold, it was rose, I was taking sips of it through my nose, and I wish I could get back there.

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