Friday, March 07, 2008

I Want To Live Here

Before I move on with the rest of my life, I must blog about the wonderful experience I had in Melbourne. Contrary to the rest of the famous world cities, Melbs is not an ostentatious, in-your-face, glamorous city. But one word that I have never used to the places I've been to - it's very liveable.

It was summer, and the going was definitely easy, save for the face-painted, Aussie flag-wearing tennis hooligans that squeezed in tram ride. That's a testament to the sport-crazy home of Grand Slam tennis, F1, cricket, footy, and other sports-what-have you in the land Down Under.

I went biking, and a city that you can bike in, much less walk around with no fear of death, of rotting your lungs away sounds like a good idea to me.

Webb Bridge at the Docklands. Really interesting melting pot of architecure, art, and, well, construction.

They've got a shopping district that closes at 5pm. And yes, we will mock their "unsophisticated" (unlike here, it's rampant!) shopping schedules. Hahaha.

Same photo I found in Lonely Planet Melbourne. How interesting.

Here's the state library of Victoria. They've got a replica outside half-sunk onto the city streets.


And...the only World Heritage Site in Australia that is man-made, The Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens.

Somehow, I still got to fondle a kangaroo....

ps. I stand corrected - Sydney Opera House was added just last year.

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