In summary, I enjoyed the last Spider-Man movie. My gripe is that it was very pop, yet very MTV2 at the same time. Just to be consistent with the music references for this article, it would be best to write my complaints in a list:

1. Gwen Stacy, is well, too Gwen Stefani (No surprises there).
2. Harry Osborn, was less brood-y, more cheer-y. It's like Robbie Williams revering to his boyband roots. Eeek.
3. Peter Parker + alien symbiote = Panic! At The Disco groupie. That I found really strange.
4. I've seen Mary Jane Watson before. They're called divas, and we don't need more of them.
5. The ending was pretty strange; this felt like a contrived encore.
6. And like all other reviews, the movie has got too much going on; it's like watching the Live8 video stream where you get to see all of them perform at the same time.
7. Bryce Dallas Howard, James Cromwell, and Topher Grace were way underused.

However, there were good points as well:

Never been the fan of costumes, but this one is one cool tandem with the skateboard-glider.
1. Goblin's glider/skateboard and Harry's costume rocked.
2. Topher Grace was still very Topher Grace, even as Venom. Just how cool is that?
3. The tag teams idea was clever, why just now?
4. Less longful looks from Harry and Peter, and vice versa.
5. Less preaching, less self righteousness, more action. Yey!

Too much talking, less watching! Got to run back to the cinemas, lest only 9 of the 10 cinemas carry Spider-Man 3 in Gateway.

3 talkbacks:

pusangpalaboy said...

found it funny that the local news correspondent in NY had a british accent!

sneexe said...

oh yeah, that too :)

agreed- overall it was weirdly "emo" and lots of redundant bits...

but still a good thrill ride.

loved the Venom costume, was gorgeous lah.

monsterboy said...

The Brit accent was soo strange. Honestly, I've had enough of Aunt May. Hehehe.

Still, I think I loved Spidey 3 more than that Spidey 2.

Weirdly emo? Wasn't that the second installment? Like the third, maybe it was just a tad funnier with Topher Grace and Harry "Sunshine" Osborn. Haha.