Monday, May 07, 2007

Summer Music Mix 2007

I'm lazy, yet I still want to rant. Just picked up a couple of CDs, and seen a movie. Here's an abridged guide:

1. Introducing Joss Stone by Joss Stone - Vinnie Jones, Raphael Saadiq, Common and Lauryn is definitely a good boost for her. There are no standout songs from the album, but the record in general shows off a more upbeat brand of soul this young singer is famous for.

2. A Fever You Can't Sweat Out by Panic! At The Disco - My major hesitation in picking up this album before (aside from long, cumbersome titles) was a uncanny resemblance to Fall Out Boy, which I already had. Surprise, surprise. There's a bit more dancehall rock and programming in the album that what I gave them credit for. I particularly like Camisado, Time To Dance ("when I say Shotgun, you say Wedding!"), and the hits. Special mention to Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes (Sound familiar? This was spoken by Natalie Portman, in Closer), complete with the odd goldfish video.

3. Out Of The Woods by Tracy Thorn - Glad she came out with an album, and fresh new songs, since EBTG came out with Temparamental in 2000. This collection of songs is, in a word, quirky. There are elements of 80s pop, streaks of great programming, and pepperings of folk. It's two steps back from Walking Wounded (less drumbeats, less synthesizing), but two steps forward from Amplified heart (more programming, more electronica). It's strange, and the least I would expect from her, and maybe that's why I loved it. Standouts are Easy, Grand Canyon, Raise The Roof, and By Piccadilly Station I Sat Down And Wept.

4. Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard - Why oh why did I take forever to buy this CD? I knew I loved the title track to bits (best song of 2004), and their contribution to the Spider-Man 2 OST Gifts and Curses was simply phenomenal - so why? Maybe the piyok turned me off. Haha. Great album, and not as noisy as I would've expected. Apart from the title track and Only One, the other good songs are Empty Apartment, Life Of A Salesman (perfect for Father's day, but probably Frank Sinatra or Perry Como would still be a better choice), One Year Six Months and Back Home. Yeah, so I really liked the album.

I did say I saw a movie, and mentioned Spiderman above, but this is getting to be a rather long entry, so I'll wait a couple of hours before I do that one. Drat, and I working up a pretty good segue back there.

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