Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Time For Some Coldplay

Thanks to Tartan for posting in my chatterbox - my Damien Rice experience will not come to pass again. I promise to watch the Coldplay concert in Singapore, all I have to do is come in a day early. Not bad!

Now, can anybody point me to where the tickets are?

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tArtan said...

you can log on to and
i;m confused about the dates. The other Says 07-07-06, the other 07-10-06.
Oh well.. whatever the date i still can't watch.
i'll just play their album over and over on those dates.

monsterboy said...

Wala nang tickets sa Sistic!!!

inday said...

oohh coldplay have asia tour. they also coming hk at july. hey monster i say thanks for comment my blogs... ty!

monsterboy said...

Wahoo!!! I have Coldplay tickets already!!!

tArtan said...

wahooo nga!
when's the concert ba talaga? i'm dying with envy man!!
coldplay concert, sing sights. wow!

monsterboy said...

Oo nga, nagkaron pa ng mga free tix last night!